Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get my fingerprint to you?

You simply upload it right on our website when placing your order.  If you don’t have it handy when placing your order, you can always e-mail it to us at

How do take my fingerprint?

You need an ink pad, or you can use an inkless fingerprint pad that the notaries use. You can use a clean blank sheet of white paper or use our fingerprint form that you can download here.  Press your finger on to the ink pad and then press your finger on to the paper to make a print.  Do not roll your finger and do not press too hard as this will smudge your fingerprint.  We need to be able to see all the lines and ridges in your fingerprint in order to use it.  For more detailed step by step instructions please click here.


How do you get my fingerprint on to jewelry?

After we receive your print, one of our designers will manipulate it using graphics software to get it looking its best.  Once we have your fingerprint cleaned up, we move it into our computerized etching machine and our machine precisely etches your exact print on to the jewelry piece you ordered. It will be an actual impression of your fingerprint with texture you can feel.

Will my fingerprint wear off?

For a fingerprint to wear off, that would mean the metal has to be worn away.  Precious metal rings like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium that have a fingerprint etched on the outside will wear away, and the time it takes depends on how hard you are with your rings.  If your fingerprint has worn away, we can always re-etch it back on for a small fee.  If your ring is made of hard alternative metals such as tungsten, you do not have to worry about it wearing away.  Rings of all metals with the fingerprint inside the ring will not wear away because the skin on your finger is not rough enough to wear away metal.

 How long does it take to get my order?

We pride ourselves on our speed and accuracy.  In most cases, we can have your order completed and ready to ship in about a week or less.  Extremely custom jobs can take longer.

Can you get the whole length of my fingerprint on the ring?

Yes, we can get the whole length of your fingerprint on to a ring if you provide us a print of your entire finger. Most people just want the tip of the fingerprint because that is the identifying part, but we can customize it as you request.

Can I also engrave a special message on the product I order?

Yes, we can do text engraving.  We have a variety of fonts you can choose from.  You can also send us a font or tell us which font you want.  Generally, if it is a font in Microsoft Word, we can engrave it.  Cost is $29.99 for up to 30 characters.  We can even engrave your own handwriting.  Contact us for details.

How can I find out my size?

If you already have a ring, you can go to a jeweler and ask them what size it is.  You can also send it to us and we will make sure the ring you order is the same size.  If you do not have a ring, you can go to a jeweler or department store that sells rings and ask them what size you are.  Be sure to try on a ring of the same width you are considering purchasing as wider rings do tend to feel tighter than narrower rings.  Sometimes jewelers may not measure you correctly, so it is best to go to more than one jeweler just to confirm that the previous jeweler gave you the right size.

What happens if I get me size wrong?

If by chance you order the wrong size, we could resize your ring if it is not too far off from what you ordered.  The fee is usually about $30.00.  If the ring size is much bigger or smaller than what you ordered, we would have to make new ring for you and re-etch your fingerprint.  There would be a $75.00 to cover re-etching of your fingerprint.