About Fingerprint Jewelry by James

I began working in my father’s jewelry business at the age of 9, helping out wherever I could.  Over the years I learned every aspect of jewelry crafting from him, which he learned from my grandfather back in Austria.  Although we sold our products mostly to other jewelers, we did occasionally sell directly to friends and family who needed customized jewelry. These pieces could be purchased anywhere else locally and the internet did not exist yet so they could not easy find someone outside our area. I was usually the one that took care of making custom pieces because the others goldsmiths were too busy cranking out pieces for our retail jewelers. Many of our customers just wanted something special engraved on their jewelry to give during a special occasion.  I quickly learned how to do all kinds of custom engrave jewelry for people.  I truly enjoyed the look on people’s faces when I did for them what no one could.

I quickly decided working in a workshop churning out the same piece of jewelry over and over again without customer interaction was not for me.  So, I made the jump into the retail jewelry business with a focus on custom engraved jewelry and gifts.  As I was doing many pieces of custom rings and wedding bands with fingerprints, my shop was named Fingerprint Jewelry by James.  However, do not let the name fool you, as my business grew I added staff with varying skill sets and today we can much more that just fingerprint jewelry.

It was only natural that we start selling online as that seems to be the wave of the future.  Although we are a small family owned shop that does not have a high powered marketing machine behind us, I am confident me and my colleagues will win you over with our high quality precision craftsmanship and fast turnaround times, not to mention our excellent prices.