About Fingerprint Jewelry

Why fingerprint jewelry?  There are countless designs of wedding rings out there, each claiming to be unique.  However, are they that unique if that design is being sold by every retailer?  This is where fingerprint jewelry comes in.  Since each fingerprint is truly unique, by putting it on to a ring, it makes the ring a “true one of a kind” ring.

Besides the uniqueness, fingerprint rings are a very personal way of celebrating your love.  Most people spend much of their waking hours away from their spouse and only see each other after work in the evenings.  Having a fingerprint ring is like having a little reminder of your loved one close to you at all times.

Fingerprint engraved jewelery is not only for celebrating marriages.  It can be used to celebrate all of life’s most important moments.  We can engrave a newborn baby’s footprints on a pendant for the ecstatic new mother.  Fingerprint jewelry can be used as bereavement jewelry as a way to keep the memory of recently deceased loved ones alive.